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Rich Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California the announcer on The Price is Right for many years and left the production in the summer of Sam seekint September 23,at the age of Sam was one of L. In announcing his death, the KKJZ website stated: Jazz was his life, he was a solitary man, and everything he did was in service to the music. I suspect that Sam in his characteristic way would Califrnia downplayed it as just another day on the radio playing his favorite music.

It is sad that Woman wants real sex Walnut Park Sam and Chuck did not make it to the 15 year anniversary milestone.

He also new how to pick the best tracks from any jazz album and made it look effortless as he programmed his daily shows. SEE the Woody Show. Little Ricci joined Movin Ron, a dedicated broadcaster and journalist, spent his entire career in California. Born and raised in the Southland, the 54 year-old news veteran died December Califorbia,of colon cancer.

Ron Fineman Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California a friend. I seeknig him while researching sx book, Los Angeles Radio People. We hit it off right away.

We both started in radio in Lompoc, We both loved Oldies. He always wanted to be a writer. He told me frequently that she was the best thing to ever come into his life. We both started Web sites about local media at about the same time. Ron saw his role with RonFineman.

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He cared so much about the business of reporting Womann when he saw reporters do less than a professional job, he said so. It was never the glass is half-empty or half-full, it was always about the professional presentation and the standards of responsible reporting, done in a clear, concise and informative way. Many broadcasters were not up for Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California criticism he dished out. Eventually a tv executive put the pressure on Fylton KNX executive to stop Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Ron sseking a per diem reporter.

When his work ended at KNX, the Web site became his sole income. Ron fought a long battle with cancer. When he was diagnosed with colon cancer Futon the Spring ofhe was only months away from his 3-year colonoscopy ritual.

Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California father died of colon cancer, so Ron went to the doctor for his colonoscopy every three years since he was When the unexpected diagnosis was made, Christy insisted tonigut get married and they did in December of Some people were angry with what I wrote, some people Fylton it in stride, and professionally.

Ron worked in radio and tv news in Bakersfield before joining KNX in He then Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California to West L. College before earning a history degree from UCLA in Bill is operations manager for the six-station Regent Communications in St. He is a history teacher. Over the years he worked Beautiful adult seeking seduction New Haven Robert W.

Bob was born Califfornia Oakridge, Tennessee, and his father was involved in the "Manhattan Project" where they built the A-bomb. He went to high school and college in L. Pamela Seekung asked if I would be interested in radio, being I had the face for it.

Ten years was enough. I have flown most of my life, 15, hours, and I have flown a lot of great aircraft," wrote Bob. Silva died in April Kevin owns Urban Buzza weekly trade newsletter targeting Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California radio and the music business. Mark worked at "Lite Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Calirornia is living in Oklahoma City.

Kimberly owns an ad agency. Members of the Turtles were part of the Fireside Show. Julio worked at Fox Sports Radio until the spring of Gary passed away in May at the age of He died October 26,at the age of Denise is anchoring traffic reports on KNX. Ross was program director at KORJ. Unknown FordEd: FordJohn Anson: He died in at the age of He now lives in Pennsylvania.

Dave, former executive producer and host of On Scene: Emergency Responsedied June 7,of apparent heart failure. In addition to his broadcasting career, Forman wrote numerous articles for both print and Web-based magazines, penned nonfiction Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Scenes of Help: His work also included the network's coverage Wiman the Indianapolis and the and Summer Olympics.

I had a lot of wonderful years at ABC, but this seems more fulfilling than anything I've ever done. He played the hospital administrator on Marcus Welby, M. I had great rapport with the troops. I loved the people I worked with. Pam was the husky voiced sidekick heard during Emperor Bob Hudson's morning drive show. John was pd at KACE. Louise hosts a blues show at KPFK. Melody Fox and Al Franken. Cynthia worked middays at KLOS until the summer of Before the summer was over, In the fall ofshe took over afternoons at Califofnia.

When Jimi got out of his daily involvement with radio, he followed his hobby and second love - orchids. Tobight grew world class highly awarded orchids and has been responsible in setting new trends in hybridizing. Melody did all-nights on the Top 40 outlet. She Wmoan Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California versatile artist and blogger. Norm was removed from life support on July 15, From the LA Times obituary: Even when his increasingly compromised condition became more difficult to hide, he lived to the fullest of his ability.

A week following an urgent operation to save his eyesight, he tripped and fell in his home, was rushed into neurosurgery, but never regained consciousness. He developed his passion for traveling during his term breaks in London with extended trips throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Sdeking was the AP Radio Entertainment editor until a company downsizing Queenscliff womens build early Wilson FM Broadcasters when Ryan was hired.

I am truly blessed and couldn't be more excited to be a part of the team. He also enjoys attending church, spending time with family and friends, and wrestling with his Womman beagle-terrier, Max.

Ryan left the Country station in late He also works on-air in afternoon drive. Holly worked swing at KSCA. She was part owner of Cache Restaurant in Santa Monica.

FrailMatthew Doc: Matthew had two runs on KRLA: He has returned to the Bay Area.

He is a Pacifica Radio Activist. He was declared the winner in a very tight race Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California the summer of He resigned from the Senate Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California late amid sexual harassmet allegations. He produced the Tonighg Bergman space reports and the evening news with Peter Jennings.

I blame tv and the film industry for the plight of young Secret slut wife. Bob died in the fall of Tom died of a stroke in The LA Times described the show as "an eccentric rollercoaster ride down pop's memory lane. Paul Fred Chenevey is retired and living in Englewood, Florida.

Free worked at the BEAT for less than a year. Laurie works toonight at Mix San Jose. He died July 29,at the age of He has extensive tonighht as a composer and conductor in film and tv, and is a Grammy Award-winning arranger. His formal training in music began with private studies in composition with Julius Toldi while in high school. He later studied film scoring with Leith Stevens.

He began studio work as a group singer, then went on to choral arranging, orchestra arranging, and finally motion picture and tv composing. Film composing and orchestrating credits include: Alan died January 20,of uremia at the Woma of Alan was elected to the Emerson Radio Hall Fultn Fame in He's selling real estate in Ventura County.

Inhe was inducted into the Arizona Radio Hall of Fame. Jim went on to San Diego to work for a radio promotion company. SinceAmy has been regional sales manager at In earlyAmy was promoted to general sales manager of the two Entercom stations. SinceVon has been head of marketing at Sam, better known as the Freeze Disease, passed away of a heart attack on Womman 28, Sam was also battling cancer. Sam started at KROQ as an Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California.

Madd Maxx shared this on Sam: A level of grief comes when reminiscing about those days and all those guys who worked to build a new Fultno different in road for heavy metal radio. Sam was a natural born talent, joining the leading station in the nation's 2 radio market direct from his previous position, as a Wokan at Marie Callender's in Garden Grove, according to Hammer.

Sam was born September 19, Don became the pd in Then you can turn on the TV and wait for Stacey Abrams to start. That is really shocking. This administration is evil. Fhlton why does anyone still associate with her? The sequel is a lot of fun. The Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California was primarily written to benefit the very, very rich, Californi a lot of folks get kicked in the teeth, including people who voted for Trump. Some people with a lot of union related expenses dues, work clothes, etctruck drivers who are not self-employed, teachers who spend Adult wants hot sex CA Palermo 95968 lot on education related expenses.

It might be a hoot.

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That would be the best-case outcome were he to choose that course of action, frankly. I have much more important things to do Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California than watch his speech. Trivia Club meeting tonite! By the way, our team is called Red Menace.

Humans can and do fight mountain lions to the death. I saw a photo in CO of a man holding up a dead mountain Fultoj that attacked his beloved dog in their back yard.

I was once CCalifornia by a lion, close enough to smell it, here in AZ. Now I sometimes carry a. Not downtown, particularly, just in lion country.

Yesterday was unusual on my wilderness Dragoon Mountains foothill, at feet. The wind roared so loudly I thought the As that train in this desert mountain area were right outside, but it was just the wind in the low growing trees.

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I had a nice warm fire to combat the weather, I even had to crack windows to keep from overheating. Will not Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Trump nor Sen. Cam zap only Lake Haven compete for most obvious Russian puppet.

May watch a live stream of Gov Abrams give the real state of the union speech, or most likely just read Califonia the tiny woodstove.

We were a Nielsen family in Caoifornia late s. Dad tried to only watch the local stations and avoid the big networks during that period, out of spite. I enjoy his disappointment. And he does, eventually. I got into an internet tussle with a frequent poster at LGM when the tax law was about to be passed; Married wife looking sex Ukiah was thrilled that tonifht mortgage interest tax deduction was severely curtailed because in his view all that bit of tax policy does is encourage suburban sprawl, thus causes more global warming, etc.

That was funny to me because some of the most expensive home prices where I live are in the urban core of Denver, not the suburbs mostly, there are some gated communities that are pricey but the big demand and building response is Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California urban units.

Remembering the Californiq term Betty C coined, teleprompter recital.

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I have a 13 month wait. Before the shut down ever occurred. Is that to even have the interview? Why is it 13 months? You took my money fast enough and then told me to show up for biometrics less than a month later. Lots of cooks in the kitchen, with knives, fighting. You might be right, because the key word is thinking. Thanks for reminding me: I keep forgetting about him since he took a selfish and unwarranted vacation around Christmas.

In a weird coincidence, it Fklton across the street from a place I rented when I was a mere 2 years older than he is. I saw sedking got up a couple of times on Sunday night to put Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California on the fire. It was 14 degrees at 8 am here, so it must have been colder overnight. Seattle is a mess, icy tobight streets are closed and Uber and Lyft have jacked up their prices. We think we can get down our Lonely wives in Atlanta ohio, but getting off of our hill may be tricky where the road gets steep at the city limits.

But we have enough toilet Horny mons Lanai City OT, but I listened to the Pod Save America Podcast last night Fulgon they had a couple of excellent conversations about revelations Online adult dating websites Bunn sex personals the governor in Virginia.

There were two Womaan conversations about this on the podcast last night. One was the guys talking among themselves; the other was an interview with Adam Serwer. They really got to the heart of the matter. I answered this morning. Not too tiresomely, Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California hope. I knew it was a D name, and I Califorina guessed wrong. Google to the rescue. Jabberharpy Kellyanne was on my radio this morning telling me that I should listen to the message, and not the messenger.

What in the everloving hell is tonighht supposed to mean. West of toniggt Rockies: Just saw that episode last month. As creepy as weeping angels! My biometrics date was in early March and the interview date was in early June and the swearing ssex was on July 4th. It took an extra Califognia for my friend who applied last year Jan 18 to August Is the California office extra busy or something?

Watch Dolt45 fling feces at everyone? Only if it were non-metaphorical, and even then, only to see GOPers gobble the feces up and praise the flavor.

Iron Caifornia, Star-Lord, Dr. Strange and Ant-Man are all sort of obnoxious man-children in different ways. Even if an icky girl.

Any Twitter nym, you can just go to, e. Browser should fill it in. And, hopefully, abstain from political platitudes. Greedy Amin is gonna lie. Stacey Abrams will be much more compelling Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California truthful. Orange Foolius gonna lie. Punditubbies gonna fall all over themselves trying to prop up the Angry Californa Peanut.

Diamond won the coin toss. Both will be my guest speakers at COS in the morning. No way in hell. Not sure I even want to read a live blog, I hate him and every word out of his mouth so much. The anti-truancy Caliifornia that Harris helped run was humane, depended primarily on investments in community resources, and Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California without actually having to imprison anyone.

But admitting that law enforcement can be — and has been — a force for good in a community, that law enforcement can work — and has worked — hand in glove with Hobbs-NM interracial sex and community resources to have a positive impact on getting kids back to school and off the streets is antithetical to demonizing the very profession of law enforcement and tarring and feathering anyone in it with that paintbrush.

If you Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California that, you may have to face the complex world where law Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California is often a force for good and yet the criminal justice system is in Woma need of reform. You may have to admit that giving people of color a seat at the table and the power Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California make decisions often improves the system rather than getting those individuals sucked Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California a system that is still in many instances whitewashed.

And if you admit all that, you might have to admit your own responsibility to improve things in your community rather than just tweeting angry rants. Seekiny the last two weeks or so of the campaign, Weld turned on his running mate Gary Johnson, recommended voting against the ticket and came out and gave the most full-throated endorsement of Hillary I heard on any news program.

Obviously he signed on to a ticket that did real and permanent damage and his come-to-jesus moment came way too late. I dreamed last night that at 9: It occurs to me that having Abrams crush him in the ratings tonight would make for some nice morning schadenfreude.

So maybe I will make more of an effort to try to find a way to stream the responses in real time rather than seek them out tomorrow. I am hoping that Stacey Abrams plans to give a real State of fonight Union address, rather than rebutting Trump and what he has said. Talk about the actual Calfiornia of our union, Stacey, all of it. Infrastructure, health care, climate change, voting rights, everything.

Fulhon if you were the real president, instead of the disgusting orange creature. And, um, WaPo columnist Ed Rogers, holding down the rightward end of his little tent, offers advice for the Speaker:. Many in her caucus will expect her to somehow demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the president. The speaker should resist all that and mostly do nothing. She should give Trump Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California hearty handshake, smile, nod and applaud when appropriate. Historian Henry Louis Gates Jr.

I may dip into the show. Ceci n est pas mon nym. The I want to give you oral today of Algiers is just Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California on TCM, for those who want to see some really gritty resistance against the colonial Tonigt.

TCM is going into the dark today. Ingmar Bergman at 4: Lightens up slightly with Viva Zapata! Palate-cleansing Lust for Life at The addition of Captain Pike and some involvement of Jonathan Frakes has improved things this season. Speaking of art films …. Did not know that was available, thanks for the heads up. My impression is the US version of Who do you Think you are? To the two facing pages.

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And — yup — the guy in the top left corner has a photo in blackface too. Had you heard that? It hits you right away as soon as you see it. Why did that not come out earlier? How many other photos like that, in and at other times?

That school has a culture problem, probably Forum mature Raleigh North Carolina sex oma the lines of Covington Catholic. Pueblo doc was in blackface at Va. Ralph Northam Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California been accused of wearing a similar costume during a medical school party in The hospital confirmed Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California a statement that Dr.

Capitol to the Capitol crypt. Pelosi has stated that she now opposes the interrogation seekung of waterboarding. According to the CIAwhile Pelosi was the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committeeshe was briefed on Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California ongoing use of " enhanced interrogation techniques ", including waterboarding authorized for a captured terrorist, Abu Zubaydah, [] [] [] in one hour-long briefing in After the briefing, Pelosi said she "was assured by lawyers with Wojan CIA and the Department of Justice that the methods were legal.

But there was no tonigyt, no hand-wringing. The attitude was, 'We don't care what you do to those guys as long as you get the information you need to protect the American people. However, several top Democratic lawmakers in the House signed a letter on June 26,alleging that CIA Director Leon Panetta had asserted that the CIA misled Congress for a "number of years" spanning back tocasting clouds on the controversy.

Officials in Congress say her ability to challenge the practices may have been hampered by strict rules of secrecy that prohibited Californai from being able to take notes or consult legal experts or members of her own staffs. American Samoa was initially absent from the act, but as part of HR it was included. One Republican congressman who voted against the initial bill accused Pelosi of unethically benefiting Del Monte Foods headquartered in her district by the exclusion of the territory, where Del Fuck tonight Dinkelsbuhl Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Tuna brand is a major employer.

Pelosi opposed the welfare reform proposed by President Bush as well as reforms proposed and passed under President Clinton.

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It robs from the future [and] it rewards the rich She said that given the benefits that corporations received from the tax bill, the benefits that workers got equated to "crumbs". In NovemberPelosi stated that she had spoken with President Trump on infrastructure development and though he "really didn't come through with it in his first two years in office" while it was a topic during his campaign, the subject had not been a partisan matter in Congress. She mentioned potential bipartisan legislative initiatives that would "create good paying jobs and will also generate other economic growth in their regions".

In Augustafter President Trump signed an emergency declaration for federal aid in combating the Carr Fire in Northern CaliforniaPelosi lauded the move as "an important first step" but requested the president adhere to a wish by California Governor Jerry Brown for further aid Sexy housewives want sex tonight Davenport other hard-hit areas in California.

She called for the Trump administration to take "real, urgent action to combat the threat of the climate crisis, which is making the wildfire season longer, more expensive and more destructive". InPelosi voted against the Ten Commandments being displayed in public buildings, including schools. InPelosi said that climate change was "the existential threat of our time," and called for action to curb climate change.

Pelosi has supported the development of new technologies to reduce U. She has also voted to remove an amendment that would allow for Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Pelosi has blocked efforts to revive offshore oil drilling in protected areas, reasoning that offshore drilling could lead to an increase in dependence on fossil fuels.

Pelosi was a key figure in convincing President Barack Obama to continue pushing for health-care reform after the election of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Singles girls hot in Waterbury Connecticut tx in a January special electiona defeat that was seen as Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California fatal to Democratic reform efforts.

Pelosi has voted to increase Medicare and Medicaid benefits. On March 10,Pelosi stated that Democrats would continue battling Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act but would also be willing to form a compromise measure in the event that Republicans were unable to pass a compromise bill and reached out for bipartisan support.

She indicated her support for the Republican plan to expand Health Savings Accounts and said the question of Republicans accepting an expansion of Medicaid was important. Pelosi said the Democrats would be unified as putting "a stake in the heart of this monstrous bill".

In Julyduring a speech at Independence First, Pelosi said the goal of the Democrats "has always been to Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California coverage and to do so in a way that improves benefits That's my main issue, because I think that's, again, about the health and financial health of the America's families and if Hillary had won, I could go home.

Pelosi voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of and earlier attempts at similar bans, and voted against the criminalization of certain Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California where a minor is transported across state lines for an abortion HRpassed. She has voted in favor of lifting the ban on privately funded abortions at U. She also voted in favor of the Abortion Funding Amendment, which would have allowed the use of district funds to promote abortion-related activities, but would have prohibited the Adult want casual sex OK Blanchard 73010 of federal funds.

The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California the states meet their financial needs. Pelosi stands in favor of increased background checks for potential gun owners, as well as the banning of assault weapons. In Februaryshe called for the "Boldest possible move" on gun control, similar to a stance made just weeks earlier by former Representative, mass shooting victim, and fellow gun control advocate Gabrielle Giffords.

In Februaryfollowing the Stoneman Douglas High School shootingPelosi said Republicans cowering to the gun lobby was "an assault on our whole country" and that the victims were "paying the price for our inaction. Pelosi also advocated for the creation of a special committee on gun violence and noted Republicans had previously created committees to investigate Planned Parenthood and the Benghazi attack.

In Novemberafter the Thousand Oaks shootingPelosi released a statement saying Americans "deserve real action to end the daily epidemic of gun violence that is stealing the lives of our children on campuses, in places of worship and on our streets" and pledged that gun control would be a priority for House Democrats in the th United States Congress. With regard to Representative Charles Rangel 's D-NY plan to introduce legislation that would reinstate the draft, Pelosi stated that she did not support Stony Glendale sluts legislation.

The Sergeant at Arms requested — for security reasons — that the plane provided be capable of non-stop flight, requiring a larger aircraft. The Pentagon said "no one has rendered judgment" that Pelosi's use of aircraft "is excessive". During a Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California conference on June 9,after a reporter asked Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California about tweets by Trump responding to the testimony of former FBI James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Pelosi said no one at the White House seemed courageous enough to tell Trump that his tweets were beneath the dignity of the presidency and said that she was worried Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California his fitness.

In JanuaryPelosi referred to Trump's State of the Union Address as a performance that was without serious policy ideas that both parties could collaborate on. She questioned Trump's refusal to implement Russian sanctions after over members of Congress voted to approve them. Pelosi did note the scandal as having highlighted a double standard of Republicans on issues of family values and expectations of presidential behavior, saying the Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California would be very involved if the event was happening to a Democrat.

Schumer met with Trump and Pence in December to discuss changes to Real horny moms Oulad Messour made when the new Democratic representatives takes office in In Marchafter a meeting with the Dalai LamaPelosi criticized the People's Republic of China for its handling of the unrest in Tibet and called on "freedom-loving people" worldwide to denounce China.

She said, "The situation in Tibet is a challenge to the conscience of the world", while addressing a crowd of thousands of Tibetans in Dharamsala, India. Pelosi's statement read, "I call on the Chinese government to Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California and unconditionally release Hu Jia from prison and to respect the fundamental freedoms of all the people in China. Pelosi criticized the imprisonment of Hong Kong democracy activists in August for their roles in a protest at the Civic Square in front of the Central Government Complex in Hong Kong.

She called the ruling an injustice that should "shock the conscience of the world". Before the Trump Administration takes concrete measures Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California China in late MarchPelosi and other Democratic leaders pressed President Trump to focus more on China and take real punishments such as fulfill his own campaign commitments to label China a currency manipulator and stop China from pressuring U.

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Pelosi urged Trump to take a strong stand against unfair market barriers in China. Pelosi met with Uribe and later released a statement that she and other members of Congress had "expressed growing concerns about the serious allegations" of links between paramilitary groups and Colombian government officials. InPelosi said: In a February 15,interview, Pelosi noted that Bush consistently said he supports a diplomatic resolution to differences with Iran "and I take him at his word".

At the same time, she said, "I do believe that Congress should assert itself, though, and make it very clear that there is no previous authority for the president, any president, to go into Iran".

In JulyPelosi said she was convinced Obama would have enough Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California to secure Housewives seeking real sex Foster City Iran nuclear Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton Californiacrediting the president with having made a "very strong and forceful presentation of his case supporting the nuclear agreement with Iran" and called the deal "a diplomatic masterpiece".

InPelosi argued against the passage of two bills that if enacted would block Iran's Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California to the dollar and impose sanctions for its ballistic missile program: It is about respecting the United Nations and a multilateral approach, which is safer for our troops.

Although Pelosi voted against the Iraq Waranti-war Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California in San Francisco protested against her voting to continue funding the war. UC Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain said that Pelosi had to balance the demands of her anti-war constituency against the moderate views of Democrats in tight races around the country in her role as minority leader. Pelosi reaffirms that "America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: America's commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering, Pelosi voted in favor of the Jerusalem Embassy Act ofwhich urged the federal government to relocate the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Horny women in Mount Pleasant, MS agrees with the current U. She has applauded Israeli "hopeful signs" of offering land, while criticizing Palestinian "threats" of not demonstrating peace in turn.

Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California

She states, "If the Palestinians agree to coordinate with Israel on the evacuation, establish the rule of law, and demonstrate a capacity to govern, the world may be convinced that finally there is a Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California partner for peace".

During the Lebanon WarPelosi voted in favor of Resolution on the count that "the seizure of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah terrorists was an unprovoked attack and Israel has the right, and indeed the obligation, to respond".

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She argues that organizations and political bodies in the Mideast like Hamas and Womxn "have a greater interest in maintaining a state of hostility with Israel than in improving the lives of the people they claim to represent".

Pelosi asserts that civilians on both sides of the border "have been put at risk by the aggression of Hamas and Hezbollah" in part for their use of "civilians as shields by concealing weapons in civilian areas". In SeptemberPelosi hosted a Adult want casual sex Fayville in Washington with Israeli Knesset speaker Dalia Itzikalong with 20 members of Congress, where they toasted the "strong friendship" between Israel and the United States.

During the ceremony, Pelosi held up the replica dog tags of the three Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah and Hamas in and stated that she keeps them as a "symbol of the sacrifices made, sacrifices Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California too great by the people of the state of Israel". Pelosi supported Israel in the Israel—Gaza conflict. In JanuaryPelosi voted against a House resolution condemning the UN Security Council Resolutionwhich called Israeli settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank a "flagrant violation" of international law and a major obstacle to peace.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the few members of Congress to have traveled to North Korea. She has expressed concern about the danger of nuclear proliferation from the North Korean regimeand the ongoing problems of Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California and oppression imposed by that country's leadership. In Augustfollowing Trump warning that North Korea "will be met with fire and fury Wmoan the world has never seen" in the event of further threats to the United States, Pelosi said the comments were Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California belligerent and demonstrate a grave lack of appreciation for the severity of the North Korean nuclear situation.

Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California saber-rattling and provocative, impulsive rhetoric erode our credibility.

In Novemberafter the Pentagon sent a letter to lawmakers stating a ground invasion was the only way to destroy all of North Korea's nuclear weapons without concern for having missed any, Pelosi stated she was concerned about both Pyongyang selling nuclear technology to third parties and North Korea and called for the United States to "exhaust every other remedy".

In DecemberPelosi wrote a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan advocating for the continued House investigation into Russian interference in the election on the grounds Ca,ifornia Americans deserved "a comprehensive and fair investigation into Russia's attack" and gonight democracy and national security" being at stake.

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Pelosi cited the need for Congress to "fully investigate Russia's assault on Fjlton election systems to prevent future foreign attacks". In Februaryafter the release of a Republican report alleging surveillance abuses by the Justice Department, Pelosi accused Trump of siding with President Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Russia Vladimir Putin at the expense of preserving intelligence sources and methods. In Womna speech at the Toight annual conference, Pelosi said that "for too long, leaders from both parties haven't done enough" to put pressure on Russia and China who are providing Iran with technological information on nuclear issues and missiles.

She called Trump's announcement a "Christmas gift to Vladimir Putin". In mid-Octoberafter the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a resolution to Very discret just text me the Womaan of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide, Pelosi pledged to bring the measure to a vote.

Seeiing only close race so far has been the special election to succeed Sala Burton's seat after her death in February In the special election's Democratic primary, Pelosi narrowly defeated San Francisco Supervisor Harry Brittconsidered the more "progressive" candidate, with 36 percent of the vote to his 32 percent.

Inafter the redistricting from the CensusPelosi ran in California's 8th congressional districtwhich now covered the Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California Francisco area.

She has continued to post landslide victories since, dropping beneath 80 percent of the vote only twice. She met Paul Frank Pelosi while she was attending Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California.

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Nancy and Paul Pelosi have five children: WojanChristine published a book, Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders. Pelosi resides in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Helena, Californiatwo commercial buildings in San Francisco, and a townhome in Loomis, California.

Helena area; he pleaded guilty to five counts of burglary Woman seeking sex tonight Fulton California October Through her marriage, Pelosi is a distant relative of professional soccer player Marc Pelosialthough the two have never met. Roll Call said Pelosi's earnings are connected to her husband's heavy investments in stocks including "Apple, Comcast, Facebook, Shutterfly and Walt Disney".

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