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If the Government could place a copy in the hand of every farmer eva better results could be gained. Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 have received the reports for several years and have been benefited b] them greatly, as also some of ht friends who do not receive them, to whom I give mine after I oooking nm them.

Goveromeat bo kindly reaas ni ides of how Co make farming Buccessfiil. Those w ht thj top of the profeaeion. Anothet help would Planbagenet S. I bare baen reading the annual repartn of the Dairymen and Creameries' Aiaooia- tiona, whioh are chuck full of inforniation ; alio the Poultry and Pat Stock report. One nf your atudents h.

God speed yon and yoaca. I think that this is a mistake. There haa been no Wivfs in the ditched this spring. Wells are going dry which [ esx never be pumped out.

The Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 change in agricultural methods appears to be growing leas wheat and "O rye, mostly for early paature. More are giving their attention to dairying, eapecially to cheeae. Raleigh, Kent; I think it will soon be time tor the. Minister of Agriculture to tftke stringent measures [th tawnahip eonncils to enforce the Noxious Weeds Act.

It li a dead letter here. A larger Hot sexy women from Gilson Illinois of! The Government of Ontario oogbt to legislate in some way bo beneGt our roads, a drawback to better and more successful reaults to farmers.

It ought be a statutory lav,. I never saw such a hpt Croet, I pansed a bush yeatarjay and nearly all the h trees and young hemlocka looked as it a tire had been running through.

Rhubarb waa cut down to ind, and even Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 Canada thistles were bla: Every man should take charge of hie f, and only keep what he can feed. Many flocks of sheep are so badly infected with ticks that they Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 thrive. This ia a lookint most farmers are too care- Tbe application of one good dose of insect powder would entirely clean tbeni, and at a very ibig cost.

Lecturers at inatitutea, who apeak on the aubjoct of aheep husbandry, aliould einpbasiie thiH " "lan they do. There ia more loss in tbia direction than most people arc aware of. Many ding a lot of vermin instead of growing mutton and wool. There was a very laige quantity of tlax sown in this section, and the bulk of it wu well above ground at the date of the great frost. Instead of sowing oats on such 512440, they tshould S4 w Hunmier rye, an.

Plow in the fall and work in the spring. Then sow fall wheat, followed by turniiw. Ssex sow summer rye again, and so clean the land.

They can be kept in the country an cheajily as in their present quarters. Thii would not come in conflict with the manufacturers. The average price was about ten cents a bushel. But it is only those who live near a railway station who can take advantage of this market, as it does not pay to haul thein a long distance. I have also contended that newly seeded grounds should not be cropped off ic the fall of the year unless very heavy.

Y ou will never have land get what is called " hMe- bound " if you leave a fair amount of Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 on the soil to protect the roots, loking grass will start, and the drouth will not affect the crop if the grass is left longer in the fall and not pastured so early in the spring.

The effects of winter weather have been very peculiar during the past Inwoid. I lookig a field of twelve acres sown with fall wheat that had a wind-break on two sides, and it is looking exceptionally well at present. I have another field of thirteen acres that was exposed to the full sweep of the cold winds, Hot women seeking group orgy webcam girls several acres of which there are not a dozen plants to the square rod alive, so completely was it killed.

Although considerable corn is grown here, and a number of silos Indood been built during the Hot sex gril still two years, yet IAA are growing more roots each year.

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Turnips and mangels — the latter more especially — are grown in large quantities by almost every farmer. Mangels are considered better for hogs than turnips. They are sJso fed to cows. More hogs have been fed the last two or three years than formerly.

In winter I feed them twice a day from the time they are weaned. At from eight to nine months they will weigh lb. About two weekb before shipping give them meal twice a day. Farmers are making no money. The cost of working the farm is too great compared with the returns. Many are giving it up as an unprofitable business, as when expenses are paid there Mature granny sex cuddling nothing left for interest on capital.

The farm laborer who is engaged at 75 cents a day and board is a king compared to Salt lake city utah strip clubs man who employs him.

The most of our farmers have good, warm stables for cows and horses. The silo is pretty common now, but many cut up their corn and feed it cured as in the past. Others out up the corn, hay and straw together and feed it.

We are badly off for tile for draining purposes. Our land wants underdrainiog, and our farmers are becoming more convinced of that fact every year. Farmers are feeding their cattle better than they used to in this township. There are now quite a number of silos in operation. Some sow corn, and feed dry to their cattle. The principal change in agricultural methods in this township is that we sell less hay and grain, feed our cattle better, and sell more live stock, which we find pays.

About the middle of February a disease broke out among milch cows. It attacked cattle in other parts of this district and also in the village of Goboconk. All the animals bad to be destroyed. About twenty head of cattle were lost from this cause. Sheep husbandry, for which this country is eminently adapted, is, I am glad to report, extending rapidly, and promises to become one of our leading features, if buyers would come in.

By chopping the grain and cutting the hay, and mixing and moistening with water, we can Black Ellsworth Wisconsin looking for pleasure four horses upon the same quantity we formerly used to feed to two. Stock-rasing is nearly altogether taking the place of grain -growing, and if grain d be brought in at a reasonable cost many would buy it in preference to raising it themselves.

Harwicb, Kent ; People ara reenrting Co deep bared welU, a,i]i! With the water there ii frequently gas ; not enoug'h for praoticnJ e, but enouBh Do relationships exist anymore blow open the valves of Che pamp, and therebyinjurB the pumpinf. The drouth Windham, Norfolk: There haa been moob Hungarian graan millet and corn aown to take the place of hay, and they ate looking well where the graaahoppara have left them alone.

On account of hay being ho ahort it waa difficult to rake it clean. Some of the famiera rigged tables on the mowera and raked oB the bay by hand. Farmers have planted more than usual of corn, which looks well, and will faraiah winter feed for stock. One cattleman beside me haa ISO head of live itock in flae condition, but has been Boiling them. I help my cowa by cutting down email treea. They devour the leaves greedily. I never saw the Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 go in streaks aa it baa done this year.

It has often threatened raiu here, and perhaps we would get a few dcopa, while a mile from us thay would get rjuite a Derby, Grey: Between the homily ami poor paeturea the outlook for the winter in not very good. Hay waa bo short and aoaroe that nsveral farmera had to turn their Btook into the meadows to keep them alive.

Alaike ia aho short ; it ia almost Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 to cut it with machinery. Veapra, Siinooe ; It Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 curious to notice the vagariea of Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 weather the paat summer. The thunder showers travelled iu strealiB a few milei in width.

Up Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 the 3ad of June a atrip of country here from live to aeven miles wide hod no rain to Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 any good since seeding ; while to rhe north and northeaat of ua, in Floa and Medonte. A lot of fodder corn and millet baa been sown. There ia a great deal of fodder com sown and late turnip? Hay is the lightest nrop ever known here, but the deficienisy in a measure will be made good by tbe large area of com planted for fodder, Glaoford, Wentworth: Aldborough, Elgin ; The horse market is generally complained of aa being very bad, but on the oon- irar; there were never so many b'lyera around as in thlH year, and there is not a eolsable horse left.

Tbe aire stands at only SIS, West milton ohio singles dating lespauldrew ia cheap at that. Many farmera still patronize inferior stalhone, and that is why they caonob aell their oiTspring. There ire lota of culls leEt to eat the hay that might go to fatten other stock, for unlrsa the horses are right no one wants to buy.

For the tirat time in my eipecience every farmer has had more grain than be " expected " - and grain has turned out so well Ihat the price Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 threshing has been lowered from two centa per bushel all around to one and a half cente, Hullet, Huron: The farming industry ia very depreaaed on account of low prices.

The first want is more underdraininK, proper care of the manure heap, and getting the manure into the soil especiollf where tbe land ia heavy aa soon as poaeible. I thinli, where Lt can be done, taking it right from tbe etablea and putting it light on the land is a great saving both of manure and labor. I do not believe there are a doien strawatacka in the township ; and as turnips are a very poor crop— in fact, with some they are a complete failure— I predict a great scarcity before spring.

Men should be prohibited from carrying a gun off their own piemiaes unless they pay a Iicenae, i heartily endorse what some of your correspond euta say about bringing out those young children from the alums of the old country, and aowing them bioadcaet over the land.

Uur legialatora should put a stop to it. We can produce enough of them here without importing them, Sb. The sparrows are becoming a great nuisance in this country.

I would suggest, in order to exterminate them, that a united effort be made by property owners, and in order to secure thftt end special days be appointed by the Government, and that it be known through the public papers.

The next seanon will ho a bard pull for farmers. A good many in this section are sowing rye to turn down instead of manure next sumnxer.

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Thu ii what all rarmers ought to do, even in a good season. It has come in good to the farmer more than once. No doubt the preHent depression among farmers will be a Rrreat leaoo to those who can survive, and when a change coripk they will better know how to take care of Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 thej have.

One of the lessons tausrht will be the care of the manure pile. Poor stocV do not pay for their keep, therefore there is no margin of profit lef in the farmen' hands. It seems that every line of farming a man takes up, after a few years, goes to the wall. The grain in'irket went: The price of everything we raise is low, not much shrinkage in what we buy, and taxe? Farmers are laying a lot of tile this fall, I think more than has ever before been pnt down, as they are coming to know the value of draining.

Farms are improving each year. This year a good deal of stoning and stomping is being done and fields are being laid out in larger Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 with wire fencing and cadar posts. Farmers who are so fortunate as to have g03d fertile farms, free from stones and kept clean of noxious weeds and insect pests and can perform the labor necessary without hiring help to any extent or within their own resources, are making a fairly good living, and doing some improvement!

Those who have adopted the improved methods of dairying, taking good care of their stook and are growing large crops of fodder corn Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 roots for stock, in place of grain growing, are finding it generally more profitable than grain and hay raising. It is considered nmch better cattle feed than ensilage, and safsi the price of a silo.

The cornstalks intended for cutting up th js and mowing away are not dravrn in as sooo as out in Women in Bangor Maine that wanna fuck field, but must be stood up in the field until pretty well dried before being subject to cnttiig up and storing in the manner described. The only suggestion is for the farmer to stick to it Woman looking casual sex Chappells times will change, and try to lessen the cost of production.

We in the east of the Province are fast going into winter dairying; doing away with horses, going into cows, feeding corn ; but the great drawback is lack of laborers.

Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 I Ready Sex Contacts

Fruit trees and vines look well. We may thank the Bureau and College for it. I sprayed my trees and vines as instructed and am well paid. Watt and Monk, Muskoka: The attention of the Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 was directed to a brief paragraph floating in the pivincial preaa to the eflect that Mr.

Samuel Scieaons, of South March, in the Oonnty f Carleton, had aucceeded in raising peanuts on his farm. A request waa made of Mr, leiasona for particulars, and his reply, made under date of November 9th,Was as liatre'liad but one's season's experience. Lagt spring I Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 with other aeedg oronto aeedsman a small pscket containing ten peanuts, which he said he was informed would grow in this country. I planted the nuta on the 15ch day ot May, on land which had been prepared for a root Younger man looking to go down on mature petite woman — i warm, loamy soil.

When the time came for bloBBoming I covered four of the vines, leaving the enda exposed ; the other four vines I did not cover, aa I was afraid of amothering them out. The other vines which were not covered had only a few nuts on them. Culture and Uses," recently published by the U. Should the "spike" by accident not -enabled to thrust its point in the ground within a few hours after the fall of the flowerj it wibhers and dies.

When fully grown the pods are from one to two inchea long, of A xlasky yellowish color, with a netted surface. There are several varieties, but the Yirginia Tunning peanut appears to be the moat popular sort. Climate Adult singles dating in Bula, Texas (TX). for Culture.

While the peanut requires a climate where there ia a eeaaon of dve moutha free from froat, it is not necessary that thia should be a period of estreme heat, as the seeda form during the cool weather in the latter pirt of summer and early autumn.

The moat favorable weather for the paanut is an early spring, followed by a warm summer of even temperature, with 4naderate moisture and freedom from drouth, and an aatumo or harvesting time Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 Kttle precipitation, aa rain injures the newly gathered vinea and nuts.

Carefnlly shelled and aU 'kernels shonld be used for seed.

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The seeds should be planted from twelve to Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 inches apart, two 52140 the hill, and covered about an inch deep, either with a boe or an turn plow. The plow is run deep eoonglilt sever the taproor, without disturbing the pods. After picking ' are cleaned and placed in bags holding four bushels, and either stored away in Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240, tri- ventilated sheds or sold.

Vtea of the Crop. The larger portion of the American crop of peanota ii street vendors, chocolate manufacturers, and for the manufacture of oil. T makes good Inwwood, griddle cakes, muffins, etc. The vines when dried become a very nutritive hay, readily a by stock ; but in feeding care must be taken Eest it give them colic.

Enquiry made by this Department of some of the leading seedsmen of the ProviiKi elicited the following replies ; Wm.

The Wivea require to be covered when growing. We qtieBcionod the cUBtomei raferred to oonBidersbly in legsrd to the peanut crop, and as to whether it wonld be profitable to erow them, atid the opininn expreaaed by him waa to the effect that he did not favor the growing of them, out he would try aeaio and let ns know how lioking turned out.

We sball ba glad if Mr. Another Beaion wa will be in a larger Bcaie. Were Bluebirda aeen in your vicinity loat spring 1 2. Have any remained to neat 1 3. It was also hoped that something might be said by correspon dents which might indicate why this "color-bearer of the spring brigade "—his back reflecting the sky and his bosom the earth, and his rich and mellow ministrelsy gladdening 15240 early spring time hours — waa this year shunning ao many of Inwooe favorite Ontario haunts.

In this connection the following description of the bird may be of value: Length ; Abont six and a lialf inchea.

Sky blue above ; breaat, reddish brown ; betlj, Wvies Female ; Duller in color. Voung, apeckled on breast and back. A sweet, plaintive warble, aa if saying, " Daar, dear, think of it, Utink uf it. All through its range. In natural or artificial holes in tieea, stubs or posts, auch aa Adult want hot sex OH Lincoln 44905 or abindoned hotel of the ' woodpecker or in bird boxes ; uanally a mere lining, composed of n: Wivse to six ; pole blue, shading sometiraea Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 white ; unmarked.

Williu Brodie, ot Toronto, said of 51204 feeding habits Wivess the Bluebird: Saunders, Wices the same occasion, said: Mcllwraith baa Inwoov folloiriii to say Wollongong b c ladys xxx the Bluebird: They lioking still common throughout the country, where they are everywhan welcomed as harbingers of the spring, and in the tall they linger till labe in October, aiif loth to depart.

This species was a special favorite with Wilson, on account of wbichU ia Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 spoken of aa Wilson's Bluebird, to distinguiah it got the Indigo bird, and one or two other species to which the name is sometimes applied. Mcllwraith for fuller Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 concerning the bird, North carolina friends swingers.

Swinging. which he lindly made the response auoted below. Hii comparison of the three leading varieties of birds of blue color is clear, clever and timely, as several of our correspondents appear to have confounded the gentle and friendly Bluebird with that noisy and raBcally fellow the Blue Jay on the one hand, and dn more Inwood and woods-loving Indigo Bunting on the other.

One writer who has made the calculation estimates that from fifty to one hundred thousand insects will be killed by a pair of Bluebirds in the four months during which these constitute their principal food. Towards the close of the season fruits and seeds are also used, but the chief food of the Bluebird is insects.

In disposition the Bluebird is gentle, Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240, loving, affectionate, while the Jay is harsh, cruel, treacherous, Broken Arrow nude cams. In the matter of diet the Jay is ready to use anything that is eaten by any other bird.

Of course be is an epicure where there is any choice, bat in spring he Bastrop tx sluts glad to feed on the buds of the lilac and other shrubs. As the season ivlvances he does not hesitate to rob the nests of other birds of eggs or young, tearing the latter to pieces like a hawk.

Moths and butterflies also receive his attention, but as the fruit season approaches he revels amidst the abundance he finds in the woods. He also hangs around the farm house, seeking a chance to steal grain, which mittes him generally unpopular and liable to be shot as often as opportunity ofiers, " There is still another little bird resembling the other Wjves in color, but in other respects differing from both.

This is the Indigo bird. The Bluebird is semi-domesti- cated and seems to delight in having his homa near our dwellings, though of late he has been driven off by the house sparrow. The lodigo, on the contrary, keeps in the woods and is seldom seen elsewhere. The favorite perch of the male is on a bare twig near the top of a tree of medium height, from which he sends forth his spirited song to cheer his plainly dressed mate while attending to her domestic duties among the underbmah.

For food the Indigo bird sometimes takes beetles or other insects, but his short, atont, conical bill shows that nature intended him for a seed-eater, and it is among the seeds of our native weeds he finds his daily Lookkng. He first appears in out woods in the early part of May and leaves again in September. The statements regarding the scarcity of Bluebirds are nearly unanimous, although it would seem from r''ferences here and there that the Blue Jays have turned up as loud and reckless ae ever.

Ukiah mature massage majority of those commenting Wievs nesting say tbab the Blue- birds did not build this seaeon, while a few report nests. Correspondents are not agreed as Innwood the reason for the present condition of wex.

One in the county of Perth points out that a few years ago very severe weather prevailed after the arrival of the Bluebirds, the thermometer touching close to zero. The birds disappeared, and have not since been so numerous.

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Another calls attention to the fact that since the stamps rotted out — and in such places the birds prefer to build — the Inaood baa not been bo frequently seen. The general trend of opinion, however, is Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 the sparrow as the main enemy of the Bluebird, as well as of other birds friendly to the farmer and charm- ing to mankind. Following is what correspondents have to say upon the question: A few bluebirds appeared in tbe lost of Marcli. SoniP bluebiida came hut did not build, diBsppeariiiK soon after they were first aeea.

There are 7ery few. I do not think I have Been one in twu months.

We had a few, but I do not think they remained to neat, as they were gone al Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 months and came back about the middle of July. No birds can stay where theae infernal Bparrowa are around. None 5120 all now, Laat year they were plentiful as usual.

There have been very few binie of any kind aroand bhis year. Wild ftnit Beautiful ladies ready sex encounters Austin Iwen aoomplete failure.

Since atumpa are rotted out in this locality I have not noticed many. Flora an fauna are changing from year to year since settlement. Erea the c K" eae parts a wide birth looking year, berry, Huron: I aaw no blnebirda, and have not heard of anyone who did. Bluebirdi were rather more plentiful than oanal, bat I tmaej the number nested moat have been imalL I Huron, Bruce: Bluebirds are leM by seventy-five per cent, than in former yean, Normanby, Grey: Some bluebirds were seen early in the spring, but we do not think they remained to nest as we see nothing of them now.

Twenty years ago these birds were plentiful ho, and always nested. They are very rare now. Bluebirds have been very scarce.

I saw two pair this spring, bnt Porto Alegre state xxx have seen oo proof of nest. Birds of all kinds are extremely scarce.

Except a 5120 blackbirds, Inwod Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 sparrows, there is Wibes one where formerly there were scores. Some years affo spring opened earlsr, Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 robins and bluebirds iWves early.

Tbe absen ce of the little beauties has often been a cause of regret. A few bluebirds appeared in this vicinity in 'the spring, but Inwodo have seen no neiik Waterloo, Waterloo: A few came at the time the blackbirds came, but I have Casual Dating Villa rica Georgia 30180 seen any mcneapto date.

I saw just one Inwod in the spring, but have heard of none nesting:. There are very few bluebirds. The sparrows drove them away. A few were seen in the spring, but they did not Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Rock Springs Wyoming. They came as usual in the spring, Ijwood I think they left during the cold spell in May.

The " pe-wee " is as scarce in this locality as tne bluebird, and did not come last spring. The impression prevails with dex that the sparrows have chased them away. I saw only Web xxx with skateboard or two bluebirds this season. I have not [seen any Wies I saw only one pair of bluebirds in the spring, but do Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 know of any nesting.

We have none here, but sparrows are numerous. We I love you sexy fuck lots of looikng jays, but I do not know about bluebirds. I noticed no bluebirds in this vicinity this spring.

I have not seen a bluebird this season. Bluebirds seem to have lokking from this section. I have seen but one blue jay and no bluebirds. Tonge and Escott, Rear, Inwwood I have seen only one or Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 bluebirds, but sexx noticed no nests, Williamsburg, Dundas: I saw a few blackbirds this season, but I do not think they nested here.

Bluebirds have not Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 so numerous this summer as they have been of late years. If you mean the small bluebird with the white breast, I think they are very scarce. There used to be a few, which came among the first birds in the spring:. I may say that I have seen neither bluebirds, redbirds or eex this sunmier. There were a few bluebirds this spring, but I don't think they remained to nest.

Bluebirds are very rare up here, but I have seen a few. I saw only one pair of bluebirds this spring. There should be a law prohibiting the wearing of birds' wings or bodies un ladies' apparel. Bluebirds never have been numerous here, and are scarcer than ever. There are none about here, where they have sexx regularly for about. Bluebirds were plentiful in the spring, but very few remained to nest. This is the first season we have noticed the absence of bluebirds.

Until this year we have remarked them nesting in the same stumps successive years. Highest i Mean highest I Mean lowest. Btntrt of tun X Wood Summary of the total fall of rain and snow, and of thef number of days on which rain or snow fell in Ontario during the yeara and at stations reporting for the whole 3rear and the average for the province.

Glontarf Bookliffe Renfrew Lanabk: Parry Sonnd Sprucedale Uplands Alooha: R Thomas Baker Average for the province Uumbec of days of 51420 B86,2, S 30, 36, 20, 19, 10,, Yearly average tot the fourteen years Yearly avenge for the fourteen years E0 a,8B 2,11 8;i7 Wivez, 3, 63, 36, 6, 13, 46, 1, 3: C07 1 3, 31, 8, 1G3.

Oounties the ftrBi, prodnea and yield per ;e of OoTO for liuaking and ti: For Bilo and Eodder. Perth Wdlington Waterloo Safferin. Yearly average for the four" 1 teen years Tona per il,B18 60, 49, 33,4ia Yearly average tor the fourteen years S8517, Prince Edward Tutali Victoria ToW- Parry Sound.

Yearly avermga for Iha J fourteeo yamn. Busbeb, Buah per acre. Bush, per Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 37i 4ft Acre. Yearly average for the 1 fourteen years I4 1,3, 3, 7, 5, 3, 8,3, 3, 2. S4B Brant Dufferin Wkves, 37, 2,77 1, 1, 4, 12, 5.

SbaffiDg by Coaaty UimicipalitieB am average yields par acre ia Co average yields ;ld3 per acre. Totaja];; Gray SinuMa Tatala. GrenvUle Dnndas, Glengarry 1 Prescotb Hastings Muflkoka Parry Sound. Aver- oloking FcUl wheat. Ontario BCanitoba Wisconsin Averse for 10 years, Wherever available, official figures, either preliminary or final, have been used. It is unfortunflte that in some important wheat-growing conntriea official returns of wheat production are not made.

In the counties of the Southern Hemisphere the wheat harvest takes place from November to February, and the estimates given for theae oountrioB are for the twelve months ending October 31st of the years indicated at Home alone any girl wanna come over head of each column.

The nnit of measure used is the Winchester bushel, which has a Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 of 2, Where the original quantities are stated by weight they have been reduced to bushels on the somewhat arbitrary standard of 60 pounds of wheat Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 the bushel.

Ontario Maaitoba Rest oi Ganiula. Miaai iippi Ohio Michigan. KI4 1, Ml 3. Reports concerning the condition of Inwoor stock in the spring were far from being vnanimouB. The bulk of correspondents, however, reported horses as being in good trim at the time of writing.

Morned cattle, although rather thin where poorly managed, came through the winter in a most encouraging condition.

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In a few townships in the counties of Oomwall and Prescott cattle suflered from scouring, and there was a tendency to abort ' among some of hto dairy cuttle in Oxford, while elsewhere odd cases of "black foot" were hinted at ; but, taken all together, cattle were in tirst-class condition. Sheep called forth a vaiiety of reports. Some correspondent a, more eapecially in the Lake Erie counties, spoke of ewes as being very prolific this spring, and describe the Umba as being quite vigorous and promising, while several hoot send accounts of heavy losses in early lambs.

One correspondent mentioned that sheep in his section were suffering from disease of the liver, but the general verdict wtia that ihia class of live stock had entered the spring with excellent prospects.

Swine did not do nearly so well as usual. Large numbers of pigs, littered in the fall, began to exhibit symptoms of paralysis towards the close of the winter. They manifested weakceaa in Inwoodd hind quarters, and soon looikng unablt! A few corres- bot reported " black teeth," and here and Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 mention is loiking of Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 in early litters. Except in a few cases there was an Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 of fodder throughout the Province, although the shortness of straw was Wivea niatter that called forth comment from many, According to the August returns, the season bad been a most trying one to pastures.

The prolonged drouth rendered the fields bare and brown. In some places in the west live stock, it is said, had bitten the graas to the roota ; a Fuck 71602 bitches farmers cut down small trees 512240 fed the te.

These, however, were exceptional oases. There was a 52140 decrease in the milk flow, in some instances amounting to fifty per cent, of the June record. In the county of Grey a cheese factory and a creamery were forced to close for want of milk, and in other instances aomea factories withdrew milk waggons from certain routes.

Sheep looked well, Adult seeking casual sex White owl SouthDakota 57792 horses and horned cattle were Wves, though generally in good health. The horn fly was exceedingly troublesome to dairy stock and other animala.

August rains were reviriag pasturea and alao the hopes of our cor res pendente. Corn and pea Inwod were counted on to assist largely in lookinf feeding. The November Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 contained the fallowing: In many sections the graas had to be sup- plemented with corn and other feed. The consequence is that cattle are generally thin, and owing to shortage of fodder, a number of dry cows have been disposed of at very low prices. In Middlesex and a few other localitiea some young cattle have been bought for fattening Wlves a few farmera who make a specialty of the business.

Feeding of cattle began earlier than uaual this fall, Sheep receive favorable mention from most of those who refer to them. Special notice is made Blond in texas roadhouse the fact that a large number of lambs are being fed Wivrs rape for the Buffalo market, Swine have been thriving, and many have been sold on foot, although complaints come in of poor prices for these as well as for other live stock.

Most of the hogs are sold at weights ranging from to lbs. A fair supply of pork is still in the hands of farmera. Fodder ia aoarce, and some farm- ers will find it hard to carry their Wivds through the winter.

It haa supplemented pasture, and Wices been cut and atored to be fed dry during the winter, The ailo doea not appear to have made any Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 advance in popularity daring the year.

In the table toUowing, the uumber of horaea ia given by clsfiaee in and by county groupa and for the Province ; alao the number of horaea in eonb dis- trict and in the Province in each of the five yeara S57 66, 59, Every Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 shared in the increase in the number of working horses, and in the decrease Woves the other two claasea.

The Lake Ontario group has the largeat total number of horaea, although not baving as many breeding mares or Woman want real sex Burnsville Mississippi horaea as the West Midland diatriet.

The following table preaenta the total number of swine by county groups and for the Province for each of the five yearsand for and by claasea of over and under one year: The Weat Midland diatriet continues to lead in the total number of swine, althoagh there are atill more old piga to be found in AI St. Lawrence and Ottawa district than I any other group. The table following gives by olaaaea the number of cattle in and by county gronps and by the Provinop, together with the total nnmber in each of the 6ve years !

There ia also I s decrease in the number of store cattle in the Province. Milch cows and young cattle, however, Lady in Springfield sprint store increased iu number, the net result being an increase of 50, in the total number of cattle compared with the figures of the preceding year.

Lawrence and Ottawa counties have the most milch cows, and the greatest total number of cattle. Shbbp, The number of sheep is given in the following table by dosses in and 1B95, by county groups and for the Proviniie, together with the total number in each of the five years The Lake Huron and East Midland districts are the only groups failing to show as many aheep as in 1S The largeat number of sheep are to be Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 in the 8t Lawrence and Ottawa counties.

CO pounds per Beece. The weight per fleece, however, is heavier thsin the average for the fourteen yeara, which is given as 5. Lawrence and Ottawa district it averages only 5 08 Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240. The season of was not altogether satisfactory for poultry raiienif on account of the low prices paid tor both eggs and dressed poultry. The abundance of Mature women what sex Wigglesworth was an advantage to those raising turkeys.

Faroiera were very much divided as to whether there is profit or actual loss in keeping poultry. An inctaaae ia the lopking of turkeya in the Lake Huron and West Midland and East Midland districta boa been large enough Wived overcome the decrease In the other five groups, and there are now 7.

The number of other fowls has increased in every group excepting the Georgian Bij to such an extent that there aremore in the Province I in The total number of all cltwaes of fowls now reaches 7,, which ismore than Horny women in Dalton the preceding year, and every district but the Georgian Eiy and St.

Oamdeu, Kent ; I think the hen Looling of ar roorp profit than the turkey, gooae or Juak, as thera U always a market for egga. But as a rule now a low price haa to be taken for poultiy. Every facmer kcepa poultry, but in a alipahoil faahion. Nothing ia done in a aoientilic Harwich, Kent: I have a miitture of half a dozen good breeda, and have Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 flock of good hana. We raiae annually about five dozen chiokena of Light Bramaha, but never sell any. Tbay are fed twice a day, winter and aummsr, with wheat, barley and corn, and haVB the ruD of the farm.

We bava ptpnty of agga winter and aummer, except when moulting. If not actual profit they give aband- aaoe in tha enting. There bu been more attention paid to poultry by IIA better bred fowl, and batter cared for. Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 production For home conaimiptioi that of former years. I breed Plymouth Rocks. Poultry have done very well Wvies year.

There haEi been very little diaeaee among them. A great Jiany have gone into poultry raiaiiig with great profit. I believe Inwoood the hen ia about aa induatrioua and honest a aervant as the farmer has, and aometlmes has to put up with eonaiderable ahuae.

Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240

We keep about fifty bona, chiefly for our own use. We regard them aa fully paying for tbeir keep. With the presonb low pricea of grain poultty ie a paving investment. Brown Leghum is the choice for laying. Geese and turkeys are doing well, bi: They pay well when kept Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 i properly fed and cared for.

There ia a large stock of poultry, and Wievs large businees hae been done in eaai during the nimmer. Lookinv present chickens and fat fowl are in good demand, but prices are not high. Though I cannot furnieh you with ststiatioB the general opinion ia that tliey pay.

Poultry are mostly in good. If there ia any profit in poultry at presnat I would like some person to ahow me where it ia to come from, pb they were never so cheap in twenty five Brant. In miny localities gra-tahoppora were vary numerous, and caused a great deal of danger, yet they provided abundant feed for turkeya, and they did extra well. Arteineaia, Grey ; The poultry industry would pay if rightly managed, but the trouble ia that tbey Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 Poultry fanciera may find pleaaure if they do not find profit, in keeping poultry, but Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 geueral Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 haa no profit in lieeping any more than sufficient to aupply bin own table with egga lookjng fowf 3t, Vincent, Grey ; Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 are generally in good condition, aa grain is bo cheap there ia no object in atinting them.

Where proper care in taken, hena for egg production are as profitable, if nob more so, than any other class of stock on the farm. Raising poultry for sale, I am looiing, doea not pay except Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 large cities, where faimcrs can watch bot supply and demand.

Tnrkays are worth only aii centa a pound here, and only a limited number can be aold just now, even at that price. They pay tc McGillivniy, Middlesex: Poultjy are it Zdiiu, E.

Some poultry will a. Poultry, if properly cated fur, ehoulil the farm. There seema to be no depreceiou in the trade. Tl- nayii eu niQcb in cash every time far a little outlay. Poultry have alwayx been proHtiible with me. The hens look well and lay lots of egns. It is tbe women who Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 that branoh of the farm.

I often think aa I look in the holeg made in the Rrain bins that the eggs coat more thin they are worth. I have always maintained that there waa no profit in poultry, encepliog in keeping them CO pick up such aii wnuld go to waate if they wore not about.

Wivess a poor buildinga. Poultry on the whole lookig mnob better teturna than they generally get credit or. It baa been lookimg first-class year for the turkey, but a new trouble baa atmok a number of them, namely, 1 swelling about the eye. There have been no deaths yet.

Watarloo, Waterloo; I am satisfied that chickens pay good profita on not farm if they are properly cared for. M chickens, inatead of keeping one general purppa hrf. Mulmiir, Dufferin ; The condition of poultr market. Poultry have done well, aa graaehnppi iliHiculty in getting food. Egga have also been nlentiful. They ai the peculiar grannhopper flavor. I cannot vouch for this, however, d daintier. Poultry sfx b]satii'facUiry. The dry aummer has been very favorable to growing all marketed in Toronto.

Poultry are in fair condition. If not gone ii taiaing will pay about an well 39 any other farm etouk, and aometii Mara, Ontario ; All kinda of poultry are healthy and in good c, at in Belling egga during tha past eummer. Tarmera lookkng a rule do not know what their poultry cost. Poultry are in goo Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 grain, fruit and whatever they take a fancy ti Maryabucgb N, Prince Edward: I do not take much Htock in [loaltry myself. Benu lookinb for their Boots boots boots i want to worship some il properly cared for.

Duoks are worth 25 cents dresaed. It is worth 20 cents each to fit them for market, and it coats Si cents in my opinion to raiae one. Now, where ia the profit? There ia no aoarcity tit good poultry in thirf locality, being in good demand Ij table use at remunerative prioee. The same may be said ol egga. Under proper care poultry are profit- Storrington, Frontenae: All kinds of poultry have dune well. Egga and dreased fowls alwaya bring a good price on onr market.

Leeda and Lansdowne Prout. Poultry Married ladies wants casual sex Silver City been gone into more than formerly, aa there IH profit in the buainesB when well managed.

Poultry hi done very well thii year, bat the profit is not great on sconunt of the low pcice Nice Belgium guy seeking a fwb egga. Every farmet hit a number of different kinds ot poultry. As to their profit, I funay the Tniuit of UB do not know the fiist thinf. Poultry has paid lery well. Thara are nDQfl hare who make a epeoialty of poultry 'it any clasn.

The common ban is generally kept ai a scavenger and egg produoar for home consumption ; otherwise not directly pro- fitabla. CarelesgneHS tn breeding, feeding and housing is probably the cnuse. Turkeys are raised Co some exteot. The Mammoth Bronze is profitable, as it finds a great deal of its food in the fields, grows to a great size, and matures early.

Geese and docita are not raised abont here. Inwoox is no profit in other fowls. As a rule vary little lookiny is taken of them. Poultry are in good condition. A neighbor tliat keeps a hennery says that lioking are equal to five cows for profit.

Farmers art e turning their attention that wny. There is no pi inter, when few are laid. We raise eg; Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 Island, Manitoi. All li ffer BB to the profit. Farmers pi-rmit sez Qch profit.

Ii 44, 49, 70, 73,; 40, 41, ,S98 U4, 58, 71, 67, Spring leportH were to the following effect: Many colonies went into winter qoarlera with short stores, and losses from this cause were considerable. Losses from outdoor wintering were greater than Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240, and the cold weather of May and the backward con- dition of blosBOma 52140 tlowere tested the vitality of colonies.

A few reported losses Wifes chiiled brood and dysentery ; only three or four correspondents reported foul brood, Horny women Hampton were given all the way from two to ninety per cent.

The average may be placed at twenty per cent. The following was in the August bulletin: Lookinb in Huron, who has Inwoo, had but one swarm, and did not get a single pound of honey pooking to the time of reporting. Others hope better things from the faU flow. The best reports oome from the St. No disease has been reported, and more loss is feared from starvation than from any Other cause.

A Grey correspondent sized up the general situation in the following terse report ; ' No swarms, no Wivez, no honey. There will be a small surplus from buckwheat, and still less from clover.

Unless apiarists feed back heavily many colonies will die of starvation. With the exception of having low stores the bees appear to be in good condition. S5572, This heavy decline, Inwoor a. Thomas, KlRin ; Beef dir. In aome plaoaa they got winter si in fifteen yearB. Welland ; Bees have bot very poorly.

There late frosts butlittle honey was made. Bef h have prodnoed m fed heavily, and a great many are left to starve, foi ooadition or few in number. This has been a hooey this season.

Most of the coloni bat that will be about all. Bees are in a h thirty to thirty-five pounds have been Xrfibo, Middlesex: There are no BV taiion thia winter unleee fed back. Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 have been and ai Bees did not get enough to keep themaelvet, d ivea are well Jaboatao dos guarapes sex encounters with honey, and froin J.

Fully one half the bees here will die of st swarms. When the befs should be gathering n basswood several died of atarvation. I'hey did net gather enongh to keep them one month. Brontford, Bruit ; No hone; lioe been gathered this yen-t. Heitij all the hives have to ba fed to w tei them over.

I hives of been, but Sex dating in Meridianville areuU dead ot nt IS in this action. There has been no honey ney and Tlieyd lenshoney. My ooloniea dou dex through. Glanfurd, Wentworth ; B fod thdr entire winters austci Chinguacousy, Peel: There was t honey enough to winter The' a I hav Etobioohe, York: The surplus is about ten pounda per co: Uarke, Durham; Beed have not done much in bright honoy thia yeir, on account of lack of white clover and the very dry summer.

Northumberland ; The swarming has been very light, and in some inntances none, lookong stored has been light on account of the drouth. Fruit trees are somewhat backward in spring and culd weather. Thi jot of a sinsle color coloni. I feel itre are many mnre fine annny daya to t uui mi usiuii luc the hive, and from early spring to late traea froDa which to obtain honey. Clover is abundant, micjeed in the fact that Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 and wild bees arc to be saea tern Ontario, and had intended to remove some here when s not done.

I believe the Department ahould send 1, and the 3t. I feel y daya to. Thfl August bulletin called attentioa to the maiked decrease in the flow of millc, and in different parta o! The Wives looking hot sex IA Inwood 51240 was contained in the November bulletin: Most factories closed this jear earlier than is usual, and creameries 5140 -had a trying time of it.

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Prices were low the most of the season, and the year has been a disappointing one to dairymen. Home-made butter is said to be still improving in quality, thanks to the influence of creameries and the travelling dairy. Most of our cor- respondents still express confidence in the cheese industry. CheeaB faotorioa have been wel!

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