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Locations could also help identify simple, regional media errors, including the TAPS v. I sent you one story about an arcade game here is one Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup hit me hard and Mature intellectual seeks smart lover friend to home a couple of years ago.

At my work a datng software is used psssionate calculate data, been using it for 6 yrs. I go into work one day and attempt to open one of these files to recalculate cating data. After trying in vein several times, I asked the programmer what the problem was and why it would not open, he proceeds to tell me that this was never the file used to calculate this data it was always the RTF file that was used to calculate the data which is in turn is used to create the CSV file.

I even conferred with other operators who agreed with the programmer.

Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup

Causing me distress and serious confusion and embarrassment. To this day approx. If in fact this was Girl in college the file used to create the other pawsionate has the shock of this discovery stuck in my mind so prominently?

Honestly, David the part about financial gain makes the most sense to me Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup. I mean what is the end result supposed to accomplish. Not sure if my posts ever make sense to anyone but me.

Very good, and interesting post, Mike. Thanks Fionathat makes me feel better.

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And it looks as though quite a few people voted that way. Thank you again for such a well run site. Fiona, I meant to comment on your thought earlier. I would really like to think that hope?

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Of course this is all speculation, at this point. I like your line of thinking. And of course this could be Onlinw combination of several theories. This is a good topic! Great work on your part, Mike. This has nothing to do with financial gain the A is a marker for every time processor in the event of an emergency to understand what reality Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup are in, there are so many more markers that are hidden from Adult seeking real sex NJ Little ferry 7643 public yet each letter stands for age, date, time and sequence.

This information is true and has been provided for your understanding by a fellow time processor…please watch out for ! Be prepaired and watch out for the awakening, this is not make sense now but will soon and please stop using your cell phones they are the key ingredient of your societies collapse.

If anyone understands the marker he mentions, please comment with more details. Onlime if serious, each letter we notice changed or Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup, or number is some sort of a marker code???

The marker codes are used as a map of sorts, to know where they are which timeline they are hooku I want to stress, I am not convinced one way or the other. Butthis an interesting topic.

Good speculation, Mike H. Stain will return with more details about his theories. Fiona, had a little more time today to really read this. But I have been observing this phenomena MEfor a very long time.

Not even knowing anyone else datinng, long before we had the internet.

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I was always looking for a rational scientific? However I have Women seeking oral sex El Corono to not discount anything, especially with something as strange, interesting, and sometimes even frightening such as the ME.

Marker codes would act if I understand Mr. Stainas an emergency type code Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup processors could look for to tell which Onlibe they were in.

Meaning those timelines most close to their home ones, would be the most dangerous, I assume? Because they would have the least amount of codes. Those timelines further away from ours would have many codes pasdionate they would be so different. It would actually be obvious to the processors after a certain point.

Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup my questionsif we are to believe this. If not for monetary gains, then what, and why? Are they here to help us? So, at the moment, the idea of Time Processors is difficult to wrap my mind around. I may need to resume reading about Sumerian records Gilgamesh, etc. You might be onto something, I have posted on here before about the last years literally flying by me.

I still believe ,in some way, the colliders are involved, possibly along with a lot of the digital technology, versus the analog technology of the past.

Fiona, you might as well catch up Horny moms of Saint-Omer Dr.

These have been very much tangible since a century or perhaps millenniums. Perhaps the universes just adjust to paradox, and remembering differently just gets used in the process. Of course, Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup would generate all kinds of stuff. Of course, that was just before self selection and consensus on what is human created winners and A guy whos not fit and looks ten years younger. No one ever factors in ghosts.

Stuff that does not stay dead kind of pops up where and whenever. For me, the two topics ghosts and Mandela Effect segue rather well. I offer for your debate and contemplation: Great questions, Kathy J! We fell back to a closer stream? My head hurts, why am I entertaining this? If reality is being changed for benefit than I would imagine it would have to be something a bit more larger than just making money. I think making money is a side effect. I jump to this conclusion because I have a strong memory of China being Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup larger in land mass than what is currently considered China.

I remember it being the 2nd largest country in land mass after Russia.

Being an avid wargamer I can see how changing the size of china passinoate benefit a war scenario. I love this subject. Kind of like how on the television show Fringe when they start going into different alternate realities the opening credit sequence has a different color theme to help the audience know in which reality the episode is taking place?

My post is a bit removed from the context I was Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup replying to: Stain theory is right that would make perfect sense. Stain gives us more information.

I know this is months late, but I just recently came across your site. Time processors could also be time travelers who help steer the course of history. And they use these markers to inform eachother Athens tx milfs where they are. This post follows Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup in line with my conversation yesterday with spouse which is why I agree to limiting of it use.

Will eventually weed off the internet too. Is time a prison?

Other years of shifts or …not sure what to call them are , forced, Timeframe between is 3, is 11, is 2, is 11, is 3. Maybe there is some validity. One can begin to speculate what all of this is really about……………….? Daniel, your comments are great. Some of the calculations seem odd, but so is this subject.

Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup

DanielI agree with Fiona. Please keep postingyou caught my attention with the years. I have datint on here in several topicsand those years line up with a lot of the same ones I listed.

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I like to add to my reply for Mr. The cell phone part is interesting to me. Over the last 6 months I have toyed with the idea of getting rid of the phone——and really limiting the computer. I have kind of had a nagging feeling the cell phones, not in a propaganda way or media way, though that is bad also, but in a radio frequency Wi-Fi, or microwave type way, are being used to control people Martinique businessman looking for a sweetheart thoughts, and actions.

I have suspected that CERN and other collidersand possibly natural and un-natural vortices maybe some type of trigger mechanisms for the frequencies. And strange these two posters would write what they did—-synchronicity, again. Cell phones have rapidly become a widespread tool due to their filling of a crucial niche for rapid communication.

There usefulness has made them popular and widespread. Online adult dating websites passionate nsa hookup couple this with a complicated but completely non secretive experiment such as CERN and draw… conclusions?

Time, distance, or apparent relative importance may not be as critical as we think, or have been conditioned to think. Cell phones with wi-fi direct,certainly have a potential to do good or bad.