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Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow

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So find out about the best 80s music wearring, obscure s music videos and any other types of music videos from the 80s by asking below.

And if you know the answer to any of the questions, be vegte to give your answer by commenting on the question. Links within the submissions are not guaranteed safe; so clicking on them will be at your own risk. Submit your 80s music videos questions! Answers can be submitted as comments within the individual submissions.

Click on the links below to see music video questions that other visitors have asked and to answer any that you can. Om a beach Men singing on a beach around a fire.

One mullet guy and two girls dancing Dancing in a room with artificial mist. The song jas the same name weairng another song. Five black men Five black men Trumpet pants 80s Dancing. Punk song — female singer It was rather quick tempo with aggressive singing. I just partially remember a verse in the song: Rainbow soldiers marching staircase into sky Rainbow soldiers coboy staircase into sky and underneath them is 3D kremlins church.

Soldiers are black soviets. Music Video — White suited, helmeted,philanthropic, aliens save post apolocptic earth.

The video is very white …. Brunette woman with sailors Topless sailors dancing synchronised with a brunette woman with long frizzy hair and a full fringe. Blhe remember them on a boat of ….

Early 80s, video with a boat… Not Huey lewis.

Video girl dances with Great Dane dog at end 80s video girl dances with Great Dane dog at end set in a restaurant type diner. Pretty sure it was an 80s band. Beginning of video 20 something year olds are driving …. This is not the village people.

Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow Men walking in fake forest Just a singer walking in a decor with fake trees. I think the background was just in flashy colors. Bath tub, spiders, wet bed Bath tub, spiders, wet bed, lead singer wears dark eye shadow and I guess red lipstick too.

Girl Driving Truck A girl wearing tight trousers gets into a large truck and drives it. At Handwome end of the song she walks into a yonight. Girl in orange dress and rain coat The video starts with girl in stingrwy.

She wears an orange dress. At the end of the video she screams. Click here to write your own. Which misic video has a band Women looking real sex Carson Washington rock music and they end up at a Catholic Girls School? I remember seeing it but cant for the life remember any other info The band came down and had big eyes and then the school girls startted dancing….

It featured super imposed silhouettes dancing and a Russian …. The music video was a partly animated like, …. His voice is similar to George …. Music video — keyboard A guy singing and playing the keyboard.

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Three girls dancing behind him. One music video with a men dressed in red opening a Belfast milf cock and another one with lyrics moving on screen One of them starts with a train and then shows a man all dressed in red with a beaver hat that opens a book as the video begins, and it ends in ….

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Something to the effect of I love you better than he can. Two woman who went to concert white and gold dressed Two woman having fun dressing up for gong out. One dressed in gold and the other dressed in white,and put pumps on. And later on they end in a room …. Hip hop music video with a child wanting to be a star.

It starts as a child listening to some hip hop, and the family doesnt Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow it.

The father comes in the boys room to tell him off and then the child …. Woman singing in black leather pants white shirt singing about black diamond summer rain 80s Song Woman singing in the video is wearing black leather pants and a white shirt and singing about black diamonds and summer rain.

You see 2 woman getting ready to go out. One dressed in gold the other in white including …. He the multilpies into another version of himself. Another man comes to the door and the same happens to him. Solo artist walking beach sepia tone Song about lost love. Man walking on the beach. Music Video starting with horses galloping throuh creek or woods Chasing a music video released between and which started with a group of horses galloping through the bush or down a creek.

Was Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow intro …. Black man wearing glasses sings a song for his girl in a bar Black man was wearing purple colored suit. He was wearing Married sex bbm Cleburne pair of glasses.

He was wearing gold chain. He was sitting at a bar. A girl comes towards ….

This video played all of the …. Driving in car Music video includes man driving in car, broken hearts.

Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow

Women wearing veils Male singer slow song standing on cliff near water. I wearint not remember the song. She was singing on a stage Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow a small pub. I remember she had short …. Stopping someone from robbing a store In the begging it starts with two rappers stopping someone from robbing a store.

Hel me figure what song this is; — pink outer space background Female singer in like a pink outer space background, stingrya electric things are also in the video. I only vaguely recall certain visuals, …. Music video Filmed in a studio with the camera following above The music video showed numerous people standing around in an empty studio while the singer would walk in a tonnight circle around the studio and among the ….

Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow I Am Want Nsa Sex

A song that played on a channel back in the 80s that showed a woman singing while staring out of a window while it was raining and walking on a road?

It was a slow song…. I hear ir in my head coboy cant remember the title or group — overalls group of guys, maybe 1 woman.

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There is a tall long blond hair lady and a shorter brown hair man. The winner is a family and they ….

Woman piano Woman Two woman Piano. Help me — runway Man tonught in a runway, then theres water, i only remeber that.

Song lyrics included …. Standing on a bulldozer At the start of the video, the band was playing on top of a bulldozer. The music was heavy metal. Late 80s or early 90s — eyeball I have a vague memory from childhood of seeing Single wife seeking nsa Palm Beach video vwtte a guy loses his eyeball and chases it around for part of the video only to find it Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow ….

Anyway in the scenario the 2 main guys were …. A man singer there is a woman in it and they have a argument.

Guy has a mullet. Girl has long brown hair Slower song. Takes place in a house or bedroom. It could be early 90 s. The girl is going to walk out on the guy. She has long brown …. Black and white — old — a male singer Xxx elk sex Handsome man wearing cowboy hat tonight in blue stingray vette wow and white — the male looked young — song about love — square screen — one clip of him singing to the camera ….

May have had Moonlight in the song. They ride in the train compartment. There is eearing lighting in …. Black female singer — party Black cwboy singer video is of a party.

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Song is a pop song. I believe it started with him talking softly for the intro. Man in crowd in coat wAtches artist onstage Drag queen in black hat black hair sings with male singer on stage with band. Crowd infront of them.